Monday, April 13, 2009


This is weird.
I'm listening to Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato.
&& I kinda like what I'm listening to.
I'm thinking of buying an iguana for myself.
Just don't wanna kill it by not having enough time.
Jas is totally going to disapprove. She hates lizards.
I have another laptop, just in case my Mac cashes.
And my Mac did crash and I totally forgot about my laptop until tonight!
I'm glad I have an external hard drive with all my movies and songs saved.
You should get one too. A little costly, but it's worth it.
I'm so used to using Macintosh, I really do not like using Windows.
I'd like a dock.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Okay my body feels so infected, I literally feel weak and I can't breathe.

Feels like I'm that close to death.
&& yes I'm such a drama queen when it comes to myself.
&& fml because I have a throat infection that affects my breathing and my tonsils are swallon.

Got the polo from yew Ms Possum.
Thought that it might just suit your cat more. HAHA!

Hello world my name is Natt Lim & I'm your number one fan.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Okay, so my baby Mac Book just totally CRASHED! Hence the unexplainable post title. It made funny sounds as though it was telling me to bring it to a hospital, and then it totally just died. Now all that shows is a grey screen, not even with the apple there.
I am very very sad. VERY SAD!

I'm not enjoying this Spring Break as I imagined. Oh wells!

I'm sick. And this feels horrible. I've never felt this horrible since I got admitted to the hospital last summer.
My room is probably infested with my germs. Yuck.

Ho Ho Ho, you gotta watch Adventureland.
Kristen Stewart seems so, apathetic. That's the way to go. She amazes me just by her lack of caring towards how popular she is now. Gotta love her.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


No, not the song by Backstreet Boys.

What's incomplete? Apparently now, my life.
Is it serious? YES!
I went to Gamestop, and got myself a couple of games, that I'm happy of, but I DIDN'T GET DRAGON BALL TRILOGY. Okay, that might be a little unsatisfying, but not as unsatisfying as..
I'm about to sound like the ultimate game geek..

This game did not come home with me.

Since freaking Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is only available for the PS3 && Xbox 360, I'd have to complete my life with World At War. And Modern Warfare is available for Macintosh's once again, but only for Leopards. I'm using a Tiger. This sucks. I need an upgrade.

Maybe being single is a really good thing. BECAUSE ALL YOUR TIME WOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR YOUR GAME CONSOLE! Hells yeah son. Your game console wouldn't hit you or scold you or shout at you, or be a total bitch to you, in fact, YOUR GAME CONSOLE WON'T EVEN SAY A SINGLE THING TO YOU TO HURT YOU! && WOULDN'T BREAK UP WITH YOU, && YOU COULD DUMP YOUR GAME CONSOLE AND GET A NEWER && GUARANTEED BETTER ONE THAT'LL LAST AND HAS WARRANTY! Oooooooooo. Readers, please do not feel offended. But I'm single, so in a way, that is my opinion (okay we all know that's a freaking lie, and obviously a partner is better than a game console. Only if your partner is nice. HAHA!).

Okay okay, I'm over reacting. Hey, PS2 or PS3, still a game console to enjoy with. PS2 has cheaper games yo. Better investment. Even the game console is cheaper. You wanna play with a PS3? Go to your friend's house. It's FREE OF CHARGE! Hey the economy is horrible, it's okay to be cheap.

So I'm ready for Spring break.

I love the cover.
It's so damn beautiful just like Akon sings it.

This rocks. You know it. You gotta have it.
Freaking PS3 has MGS 4.

Comes with the ultimate fighting games.
Tekken 4 (I want 5. But I hate how they changed the personalities of the characters. Eww), Tekken TAG & Soul Caliber II.

Unlike others, I'm not really interested in Guitar Hero anymore. BUT GUITAR HERO METALLICA CAME OUT FOR XBOX 360 ALREADY AND LOOKS HELLA SEXY! ): Hmph.

Okay, that's me. An about to be 17 year-old game freak who isn't panicking about SPM, because she doesn't have to sit for it. YEAY ME!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unidos Girls

Isabel Benitez, Vanessa Chan, Blanca Rodriguez, Danitza Cuellar (pronounced as cuey-yarh),
Wendy & Jessica Mendoza.
Michelle's missing.
Some pretty well known Central American girls in school.
I just love their last names.
This picture of the girls was taken with a cardboard piece with a hole I carved in against my digital camera lens. Pretty awkward, but it turned out pretty awesome.

Spring break is next week. BEACH BEACH BEACH!
Key Club Convention is this weekend. 2 nights @ The Aneheim Hilton.
I'm going to enjoy my rest of the week, my weekend, and the following week.

What are you doing besides going to school?
Don't sit & rot at home or drown yourself in homework.
There's always time to play.
Grab a controller of your game console, and start playing!
If you don't own one, use the materials and make water marbles.

Such a small light weighted camera, that costs so much.
My new baby Lomo Fisheye.
Thinking of getting a Diana (sounds like I'm about to purchase a lady for myself).

Any advices Amelia?
Thank youuuuuuuu!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"I'm bored out of my mind." - often said by teenagers.


I'm so in love with MGMT, The Presets & Cut Copy. We should all love Forever The Sickest Kids.

I'm tired. Very tired.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Foolish Sam.

Pictures of Sam I took when we were filming for our school Asian assembly turned out really nice. Felt like I was using a DSLR. Thanks to him fooling around, it made my pictures really nice. Pictures were taken at an alley @ Old Town Pasadena. I love the whole scenery of brick walls.

Brick Wall.



My picture of the day.
That's all Sam Medeiros, ladies & gentleman's.

Huge fascination the way the pictures turned out.
Only the black & white picture was edited. Other than that, the rest of my pictures naturally turned out as seen. Wow.

I have bad grades, again. Nyeh.
The trip back to Malaysia really screwed my grades.
It's so easy to fail a class but hella hard to push my grades back up.

No luck on my stolen phone.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Day.

I should start to not smile in pictures anymore.
Makes my anime smile a little more valueable.

Okay, I'm finally calmed.
Today, like yesterday is another bad day.
I spent an entire one and ahlf hours in my 3-D Art class looking for a gadget. My gadget.
Unfortunately, my T-Mobile G1 that's barely a week old was stolen in school today.
I have never cried over a phone before (it's too silly to do so)
I've lost more than 6 phones, and it never mattered to me. This time it did. Though there's barely anything in that phone besides my contacts, it mattered.

It just hit me, how irresponsible I am.
&& somewhat feels like I'm being played with in school.
My sister went to see the dean this morning. She was told that a student had been telling her that I have been selling drugs to students. GG.COM (often said by many chinese youngsters who are freaks when it comes to online games).
I wonder what happens next; do I get ran over by a bunch of White, Mexican, Black or maybe even Asian people? Maybe. 

Another Friday night on my own.
Chicken pasta with bacon bits for dinner && another night for a movie marathon.
Have a good one.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suspected for Drugs.

Getting picked on in school didn't bother me as much as what happened in school this morning in History.

*class door opens*
Ms. Rizo: Sorry to disturb your class Ms Barrett, but I need to borrow one of your students.
Ms. Barrett: Sure, which one?
Ms. Rizo: The one with the last name Lim.
*puts up my hand* (Okay I have no idea why my hand was up)
*walks towards ms. Rizo*
Ms. Rizo: Miha (it's like calling a girl daughter in Spanish), bring your bag along and everything else.

We had a friendly conversation like how are you and such as we were walking towards her room. Best part was, security was even there walking along with us. So after we arrived her room, I sat my small ass down. I kept thinking to myself, what did I do wrong. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! I couldn't think of anything since I haven't really been a rebel.

Ms. Rizo: Miha, open your bag, we need to check your bag and your body.
Me: Okay. *opens bag*

I did feel a little afraid. But I didn't have a reason to feel the way I did. I knew I didn't do anything wrong. So I played cool. Failed. HAHAH! Sounded more like a moron.

She literally checked my entire bag. My binder, between my papers in the binder, took my iPod case out, took every single thing out from my wallet, checked every pocket I had, every pocket my bag had, my shoes, my socks, my bra, my panties, up my ass & up my vagina (Okay yeah beginning from the my bra part, I'm just kidding).

I finally came to my senses. I asked myself why in the world she was checking my bag. So I asked her while she was checking my bag.

Me: Erh, Ms. Rizo, why are we checking my bag again?
Ms. Rizo: We suspect you for carrying drugs.
Me: Erhh, okayy. Go on then.

I knew I didn't have drugs on me. After touching me all over looking for what she was looking for, she looked pretty disappointed for not being able to find what she was looking for. Drugs. Come on, she should have been happy for not being able to find for anything. instead of apoligizing, she said, "thank you & go back to class". I did. On the way back to class, my friend Eric told me that they had open my locker and went through it. They did. When I opened my locker during lunch, it was a mess. At least put my books and papers back in order.

I did a huge mistake by telling my History teacher I was suspected for carrying drugs with me in class. The class was quiet. Everyone was wondering why I got pulled out of class. They all heard me. And the entire day, people were calling me a druggie or a drug dealer.

Thank you drug abusers and drug dealers, it's because of people like you, yes, like you, people like me have to go through troubles like this.


Monday, March 16, 2009


Hey mates, sorry for the lack of everyday updates.

But I haven't really found anything interesting to update my blog with instead of just updating about what I did today, yesterday, the day before or maybe what I'll be doing tomorrow.

I watched The Reader.
Maybe an update on that soon.

Oh yeah, I want a PS3 badly.
It sure wasn't one of my Christmas gifts last year.
Well if I get a XBOX 306, I'd be able to be able to play Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty 4.
Mac users, did you know that Call of Duty 4 is available for you?
I want I want I want. But in life, it's not all about what we want, right?

I don't mean to sound like a brat, but it sucks how as I grow up, I don't get anything I ask for instantly just like how I did when I was younger. 

Replaced boy wonder with my favorite ABC family series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Sixteen year old Amy gets pregnant after coming home from band camp. - Season 1.
Videos that you click on my sidebar are videos from season 2.
Lead yourself to the channel to start from season 1.
I'm hooked, I'm pretty sure you will be too.
It's a different kind of high school drama series. Not anything like 90210 or Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill.
Last episode of the season is showing next week!
Have fun.

Shailene Woodley who plays Amy.
Sexy. So very sexy.
Just like another Kristen Stewart, but doesn't sound as sexy.

Adrienne who's playes a slut. Ricky who gets Amy pregnant. Amy who gets pregnant. Ben who's Amy's boyfriend. Grace who's some holy Christian girl. Iforgothisname whom I'm not interested in.

Gossip Girl does not seem as interesting anymore.
Serena admits to her school play director she has a crush on him. - Totally happened; best part was he told her that he was gay. Bummer.
New episodes of 90210 are starting tomorrow. && gotta love what's going on, on American Idol.

What do I have here that you don't back there?
Better cable channels fo sho.

Have a good one.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Red & White.

Oh my darling, oh my darling.
I love my babies.
Unfortunately they've punched two holes under my feet!


Red & White.
Gotta love em.

My spikes are comfortable. My stamina is low. I have no endurance. I'm not fit.
My body is dying.
So my goal for this season: 
- Lose my fats
-Gain more muscles
-Build stamina & endurance
-Eat less cheese, drink more milk.

Okay yeah basically I wanna get back in shape.
It's gonna be a mission!

Talk about missions, last spring I had to bust a mission, which was mission 239847384(okay that wasn't the number) KILL ANTS IN ROOM! And again, it's another mission to bust! Ants are done hibernation, they're taking over my room now.


Hey pa, I miss you. Come visit me in my dreams, okay?
I love you.

He sang "Na na na na, Hey hey ey, Goodbye".
Papa, me & mama.
This was about three years back?
Maybe four?

It's been more than a year and two weeks now. Time does pass really fast, how ridiculous of me to think the earth is spinning slower than usual and that we have 35 hours a day. It's so silly of me to not notice, how my dad just started to lose so much weight at the beginning. After looking back at the picture above, I feel like a major dumb fudge.

Hey, took off my chatbox again. Start leaving comments instead. Thanks yous.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Two holes.

Is what I have on the bottom of my feet.

Small littluns but painful.

So I stepped on my bag of track spikes without knowing it was there and I started bleeding.
Who would have guess that two little holes like that could cause so much pain?

Okay I officially miss my athletic life back in Malaysia.
-From representing Selangor in taekwondo and breaking a girl's nose, training after school everyday with a bunch of adults, bruises on my legs always, and it all finally stopped cause there just wasn't interest anymore.
-To training every morning at 8 for two hours at the Selangor Badminton Association court & 2 hours of training after school with a personal coach for 2 years. Travelling around Selangor to represent the district and sharing a room at hotels with a bunch of people I do not know, missing school for weeks, and then travelling to Perak to represent the state to lose badly there. The feeling of victory in the court is one of the best I've experienced! FREE GEAR WAS WHAT I ENJOYED MOST! Free racquets. Oh gosh. So much time and effort put into that one sport and finally after training for 7 years it all just ended. I miss that.
-Finally, the victory of the crossing the finish line before anyone else. The feeling of breaking your own record, and setting a new personal best for yourself. Receiving medals one after another for different events. To train, travel, eat, sleep, shower (okay we don't shower together), to do everything with your team, is great! Feels great! I feel good when I'm on the track, I love my hurdles, I love everything about the track. Best of all, being coached by a coach that just puts so much effort on you and he's the one who creates the champ in you. I only ran with Taman Sea for a year an a half. I could imagine spending my entire high school life there, I would be dark & skinnier and maybe a little more muscular! I miss that. The whole sportsmanship thingithingi. Without running track, I wouldn't have earned as many medals that are in my cupboard today! The one part of me I'm really proud of, my shiny medals.


I feel like I'm being really moronic.
I have 5 hours of tutoring tomorrow.
GIVE ME A BREAK. I need it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Day.

"Sex is everything. You would want to have sex with the person you want to spend your entire life with. It's when two become one". POWERful.

What about the Big Day? New Year's of course. So I decided to update my blog not by drowning my entire page with different pictures where I was at different places, but instead I'm just gonna update it by whatever that has happened while I was back in KL, one by one.

I got to celebrate New Year's this time with the people I really love and enjoy being with. This time, with my really close friends. Although there wasn't the entire "I look at you and you look at me and we kiss under the fireworks" situation, it was great. I got New Year kisses from my best friends and it beats kissing some random person I don't know.

We started our New Year's Eve afternoon with rock climbing. We? Ms. Jackson, Ms. Teh, Ms. Wong, Ms. Hamid & I. Babe & I finally got to rock climbing together, though the climbing wasn't all that since I didn't really like the walls, but being with her made me happy of course!

My favorite person!

Possum, Su Kim & Baqside.

Your typical high school kids.


I love you girls.

Ahhh, I shall keep what happened after at Selina's house for me to remember and just skip to the pictures we took that night.

Before we left to celebrate one hella memorable day,
the day this year started. 2009.
Heh, Anysa got to see me wearing her dress too [x

I like this year a lot. Well not now, but I love what's happening. Well not everything. But how we're actually growing older together and how we're going through different things in life. Together of course. How we feel for a certain someone else, the hard things we're going through daily, and how we're able to share everything together. That's why I have my two best friends, to go through everything with me, and know what I know. And yew too (: It was a day I wished you were there with me too, instead of being just a phone call away.

I love the both of you.

Ergh, the amount of people I saw with the top on wasn't funny.


Ah, one of my favorite pictures.

After the countdown we met Ms Tang.

& Ivy.

& Lai Teng too.

My very sexy ladies.

Oh! We met Aina there too.

Mia does not like my face :D


Joy :D

It was a great day, I repeat, a great day.
Hello 2009, although it's about to be March already :D

Sister switched our lines to T-Mobile.
Goodbye hopes for buying the iPhone.
I now have a new baby to pamper and hope it doesn't get messed up like my phone now.
Meet my new Samsung Behold SGH - T919 that's 5 megapixels.
Well it's not here yet but it's the mail and it's on the way here.